Dedan and his family

Dedan and his family
Dedan, wife Susan and children Lucy, Sospeter and Benson

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Cracked socket, Visit from Patty, Racing again, Fast cars - all in one weekend!

Can you say PINCH?
Ah yes...the lesson was a success BUT the temporary walking socket cracked as a result on Thursday!!! (At least we know he's putting weight on that leg and using it.) Kel did say that the socket was temporary and usually only lasted 2 weeks. He was right! Poor Dedan....He was walking back from the library on Thursday morning having checked his email, striding up the small hill to his house and then he heard a noise as the socket cracked...close to a sensitive part of the male body I might add and he learnt a new english word in the process....think lobster claw, think flying crab claws...think PINCH!!! Oh!la!la! When we looked at the socket there was a crack which we thought superglue and tape would mend but that wasn't to be. So walking lessons are on hold until Dedan gets his permanent socket when he visits Kel on Tuesday this week.

Visit from Patty Kolb:
A couple of weeks ago we got a voicemail message from a woman called Patty who had heard through friends of friends of what we were doing with Dedan and wanted to offer her help regarding Dedan and apologised that she would not be able to attend our fundraiser on March 14th. She said she was going to be out of town and wanted to meet him later. She sounded really upbeat(which is always a plus) but what grabbed my attention was the fact that she was/is a double above the knee amputee. Whoa...I called her back straight away and her insight, knowledge regarding the whole prosthetic leg process and the importance of the socket fitting correctly was unbelievably helpful and we planned to meet when she was back in town. Well ..that happened Friday. What an awesome woman!!! Gracious...check, full of life...check, two prosthetic legs...check and Dedan may even have a bit of leg envy because got the bling, bling legs! Patty showed us her legs which are cool and have a USB port in them and also mentioned that when her children were younger she had legs which were waterproof so she could swim. Since Friday..all I have heard from Dedan is that you have water legs!!!Gurl....he can't be taking three legs back to Africa!!
Dedan and Patty:

Seriously, it was great for us to meet Patty and her friend Marlene. Dedan loved thanks to both of you for was a special moment.

Devil Dog Duathlon and Team Ireri:
On Saturday Chris, Dedan and I did the Devil Dog Duathlon (5km run/30km bike/5km run)on Camp Pendleton, our local marine base. Chris and I entered as individuals and Dedan entered as the cycle part of a relay - 'Team Ireri' with David Baker our speedy runner and friend!! 'Team Ireri' did well finishing 6th out of 17 in a time of 1 hour 29 mins and 54 seconds...way to go boys!!

Team Ireri - David Baker and Dedan:

Chris Maund, David Baker and Dedan just before the start:

Transition - anyone for a bike?

Chris's race was OK, but not up to his usual standard/high expectation. He had a FAST bike but according to Mr Maund, he needs to now work on his running as his top end speed isn't up to par. He actually won his age group but that's not the point, that's not what he was after! Dang..I'd be whooping and a hollering! Alas ..someone had to have a bum race..and yep it was me. I held back on the first run (knowing that there was a second one after the bike) and had a blistering bike. I had cycle legs on Saturday. I tell ya.. for 28.7km I was HOT and wouldn't believe it..I got a flat tire, 1.3kms from the finish of the cycle leg. I took my cycling shoes off and started running to the finish and lost so many places that it was sickening..all the girlies I had ridden past were now smoking I didn't have a spare tube and hence my dilemma. Once I got to the transistion I decided to do the second run knowing that my finish time would not reflect my actual race. Oh well..'tis early season.

Chris being the filler of a Dedan and Janet sandwich - Can you say get a tan Brit Boy?:

Fast cars and Palomar Mountain:
I did an an easy bike ride Sunday morning and then went to a girlfriends birthday brunch out at Poway which was lots of fun. When I got home around 2pm there was a hand written note from Chris... "We have taken your bullet up Palomar!"

Hmm..translated it means I have taken your fast, silver BMW M3 (which is called the bullet due to the speed it can generate) and Dedan and I are out in the countryside somewhere having a good 'ol boy time but I'll throw the word Palomar in there as it will then look like I am showiing Dedan where we will be riding in a couple of weeks, but in actual fact I am zooming around the corners of the 21 hairpins that go up Palomar!
Check out the photos....scouting out the Palomar ride? or just boyz being boyz?
You tell me....

Hmm..can't see any bikes on Palomar...but Dedan certainly looks good wearing my car..and no he is not driving it...well at least I don't think he is...
I'm outta here

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

This walking thang is a breeze! Isn't it?

Hi everybody,
So you may ask what's happening in the Encinitas hood on this glorious sunny spring day? Well, for sure Dedan is becoming a local fixture and has added several taglines to his name: a) 'the guy that rides the bike with one!', b) he is also 'the guy with the big grin from ear to ear', c) 'the guy with the prosthetic leg', d) 'the guy who used to be on crutches', e) 'the guy at the jeans shop', f) 'the Kenyan guy staying with Chris and Janet' and now another tag line can be added g) 'the guy walking around the neighborhood'.

New tagline for Dedan:
So what's the big deal with the last tagline? Why did it make the list? I'll tell you why. Yesterday was day 7 with the new walking socket and leg. Dedan walked from our studio on Vulcan Avenue to our house on Arden Drive, with his new leg and without assistance from a crutch. OK...hmmm you may be thinking but get this.

View Larger Map
From the studio to our house is just over 1/2 a mile (.59 to be exact) and if you follow the direct way as seen on the map, it is a flat walk along Vulcan (but there is no footpath) and then a hill up 'I' Street which joins Melba and down to Arden Drive. Dedan chose to go up McNeil Avenue which is a decent hill, along Cornish Drive which has two minor inclines - rollers, down Melba to Arden Drive and then up an incline at the beginning of our driveway. Piece of cake you may say...but wait for it there is a story!!

Walking on the flat and swinging the arms in a correct gait pattern is a breeze for Dedan. Going down hill - sweet as, going up hill...hmm gets tricky and sometimes it all goes postal!! Uphill has yet to be mastered and so it wasn't the distance to our house that was the issue it was them hills!! You also realise in situations like this that the human knee joint is a brilliant piece of mechanical engineering (side note: so look after the ones you have ok!)and whoever designed it was a genius....real smart!!

Dedan will be going back to live in Kenya and so after consultations with SCOPE and the head honcho Kel Bergman, it was decided that a basic solid prosthetic leg which could take a lot of wear and tear would be the best option. Dedan won't have the luxury of 'popping' in to see Kel for alterations should anything happen to the socket/leg. If it was a fancy, bells and whistle model then it just wouldn't work and so the model he has can be altered to work as a walking knee and a cycling knee just with the turn of a hex key. So, when he heel strikes in gait, the knee locks allowing him to transfer his bodyweight onto, over and past the leg and when he toes off in gait the knee bends allowing for the swing through. Great for flat stuff and down hills but not for uphills.

New tagline for Janet:
So with anything that Chris and I do and especially in our line of work..if there is a problem..what do ya do? go about fixing it..anyway you can, right? I was determined to sort this uphill walking thang out and decided that Dedan and I needed to have an outside walking lesson.

HHHHHMMMMMMMM.....memo to future make sure the Kenyan guy is wearing shorts so then people in cars who are parked at the stop sign and who are all watching you with absolute horror on their faces, can see that the tall kiwi woman is NOT beating the hell out of the poor mans leg as he attempts to walk. Oh my word she is not satisfied to do it once but she is now walking along side him and whacking him as she yells 'toe' at the top of her voice!!!

I was in the middle of 'helping Dedan unlock his knee' when I got the intense feeling that I was being watched. Picture this: I am on Dedan's right side, bent down walking sideways, using the back of my right hand in a karate chop motion to unlock the knee. I look up and see a line of drivers with looks of sheer disgust on their collective faces just staring gobsmacked at me. I instantly pulled Dedan's tracksuit pant leg up and pointed at his prosthetic leg, as one of the drivers wound his car window down and all the other faces changed to a mixture of relief. It was another funny moment as he yelled, 'You had me wondering for a moment'. I grinned and replied that he didn't need to call social services and continued walking. I bet if we were in New York no one would have given us so much as a look! You have to love little 'ol Encinitas BUT I do wonder what my new tagline is??? I hate to think..may have to lay low for a few days!Enough stories from me.

We had lunch with a delightful reporter yesterday who will be doing a real story on Dedan, about his life and cycling and so we'll let you know when that is coming out. We all have the Devil Dog Duathlon this weekend so it is a taper week before the race and easy training.Yeehaa.

The sun is out, Dedan is having a strength training session with Chris at the moment and then he is hitting the beach for some R and R before another massage with Wes Boyce at Encinitas Acupuncture and Massage on Second Street. Wes generously gave Dedan some massage gift vouchers and we are putting them to good use.
A great massage sounds like a plan!!!
OK, I have to love and leave you. It's back to the studio for me to put Dan the golfing man through his paces.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Wow! What a weekend!!!

Hey..I can't believe that it is Monday evening already!
We had a very busy weekend of training - hill repeats Friday for Dedan, following Chris and sucking fumes on a hard ride through Elfin Forrest and back along Del Dios Highway Saturday and then an easy recovery ride along the coast Sunday, making it home just before the rain came in. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky. I had my head in a magazine article and was late getting out of the house...and I paid for it! The rain they kept telling us about actually came in and consequently I got dumped on..big time....wind, rain and freezing cold temperatures. I would have asked for my money back from the 'it never rains in Southern Cal and the sun always shines party' but I was too busy riding my butt home to a warm bath!

Before you raise your eyebrows and say..'don't they give that boy a break?'...Let us not forget that One: Dedan is an athlete, Two: Dedan is on the Road to London 2012 Paralympics, and Three: Dedan is here to train with a new leg.....BUT ahh...yes we do have a life other than training and hence our crazy weekend. We had invites to two parties during the weekend. One at Ingrid and Tims Saturday evening to celebrate their birthdays and an afternoon garden party..(thankfully the sun came out), Sunday afternoon at Jack and Barbara's, who are our neigbors and live only two doors away.

Jean Shopping: we had been invited to a couple of parties I figured that Dedan needed a pair of jeans to wear. With the morning training sessions out of the way, Dedan and I went shopping.We had a blast trawling the stores and treated it as an extended walking lesson for Dedan and the new leg. We hit a couple of fancy shops but they didn't have what Dedan liked, as he was looking for jeans that didn't look too new and so we ended up back at one of our local Encinitas stores.

It was really busy and we had to wait in line for a dressing room, so I warned the store girlies that we may take a while as Dedan had a prosthetic leg. No problems they said. Pair after pair were placed in the changing room and the saga to find the right pair of jeans began. Too big, too tight, too short in the leg, too long in the leg.....not that much of a problem until...too narrow.. too narrow?...hmmmm BIG problem.

So picture this. I'm outside the changing room, Dedan is inside. He calls me and says that the jeans are stuck. Stuck? What do you mean stuck? I can't get them off the bottom was the reply. Huh? What's the bottom I think to myself, then I click..oh the jeans are stuck on the prosthetic foot that doesn't have much movement. So without missing a beat I my normal quiet voice...yeah right..(me quiet? hardly...)I say in my loud New Zealand accented english voice.....'Dedan, just take your leg off!'. Ah.....can you say 'politically incorrect moment'. Can you say 'explain very quickly to the people waiting in line, who are now looking at the floor or straight ahead pretending to not be taking any notice of you but they have totally heard every word you've said moment'.

I tell ya, it was hysterically funny as Dedan's reply was even funnier and more amusing. He poked his head out of the changing room, curtains on either side of his head and said,'I can not, no fitting sock'.Well that really had them wondering! When Dedan puts his prosthetic leg on, he first puts on a long fitting sock over his stump which then threads through the end of the socket, pulling the flesh on the outside of the stump down to fit nice and snugg in the socket. If you don't have the fitting sock, you can not fit the leg hence Dedan's concern. I managed to laugh off my comment, put Dedan at ease, unstick the jeans and foot AND find a pair of Lucky brand jeans with a sweet leather belt that made the grade. He looked good..certainly was 'wearing them jeans'.

Both parties were great fun and it was good for Dedan to meet and mingle with two different groups of people. His english has jumped to another level since the weekend and so we'll have to keep this party lark up..suits me!!!

It's late and time to go to bed. I'll get some photos from the parties and post them later in the week.
Hope you are all well..more stories from the hood tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Jimbo's and day three with the new leg!

I had to put photographs on the blog of one of Dedan's favourite stores here in Southern Cal..Jimbo's named after the owner who is called Jim..fancy that! Anyway, we agree with Dedan and think it is a pretty special store too, so it's just as well he likes it because that's where we buy most of our food!! He has a current fixation with blueberries and cream and any type of bagel! Don't ask me why..but as an athlete he can eat what he likes. He did hill repeats up Torrey Pines again yesterday morning in the fog...(dang the boy is a sick he likes doing them) and so that is more than enough of a reason to eat blueberries and cream !

Dedan and blueberries at Jimbo's:

Today during his walking lesson...(only day three on the new leg and progressing like a star!), I put his crutches in the rubbish bin/trash as he was going so well that I told him that he wouldn't be needing his crtuches anymore. Dedan flashed his customary grin when he turned around and saw them in the bin!!My client Peter Israel captured us on his iphone and in his words - 'it was almost a misty moment' watching Dedan walking with his new leg. To see it is amazing and very hard not to tear up. Yesterday, Sue Evans stayed after her morning workout just to see Dedan with the leg....thanks Sue that was cool, Dedan loved the support!

No need for Crutches!

Dedan walking the line:

We placed strips of tape on the studio floor to form a 'T' so Dedan could learn to 'walk the line' so to speak. He has been using crutches and hopping on his left leg for 16 years and so he is used to using his upper body and only one leg. He doesn't toe off or heel strike in gait with his 'good' leg and so we have to teach him how to do it properly. Even though he is a very fast learner the whole process of re-learning gait, having to think about it AND change an old engrained pattern is quite an energy brain drain. So after his daily walking lessons, Dedan goes home to sleep as the neurological drain knocks him out and his brain has to chill out. He bounces back in a couple of hours which is just as well as we have quite a few social events this weekend - birthday party with Ingrid and Tim on Saturday night, BBQ on Sunday afternoon at Jack and Barbs so Dedan can meet all the neighbors plus of course some cycling training. If the sun comes back out of the fog..yep it has been foggy the past three days..we may even hit the beach. Sounds like a plan doesn't it.
Wish you were all here with us.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Waaaahhhooooooo!!!! - St Patrick's Day, Shamrocks and NEW LEG FOR DEDAN!!!

Well the moment yesterday, when Dedan walked....yes WALKED into the studio at 4.45pm was not lost on me. It was of all days, St Patrick's Day. The day celebrated by Irish all over the world, shamrocks, four leaf clovers, good luck charms, the color green and ok a little bit of beer thrown in for good measure at Irish Pubs worldwide..a definite party day!

A huge grin from Dedan with his new leg:

Well, on this side of the was Dedan, tentatively walking in, minus crutches, first time in 16 years with his brand new leg. What a sight to see, such joy and yes with the trademark HUGE grin!

Dedan Walking the Line:

Week three in America and he has the leg! We have the walking socket and the cycling socket is still to come. As I write this, Dedan is having a 'walking lesson' with Chris in the studio. 16 years of not using the right leg makes for some serious re-programming! But..have no fear, Dedan is a 'cat', a 'quick learner', an 'elite athlete' and already after only two days with the can see a big difference in his gait and Chris will have to take the leg back to be adjusted. Initially they make the prosthetic knee quite soft as most people do not put much weight through the leg. Dedan...hmm he is an a good way. Mantra: I have the leg...I will walk! So consequently the knee has to be stiffened up...isn't that cool! He'll be jumping and running soon - watch this space.

I had to share this great news with you all.
Last night I had to spend time helping Dedan share the news with his friends and family via facebook and so the blog didn't get a chance.

Team Dedan's New Leg - WE HAVE DONE IT!

Give yourself a pat on the back, a pinch and a hug. It feels good huh? Wait until you see him....PRICELESS!
Mucho gracias, thank you, asante sana

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fundraiser Saturday March 14th 2009 - Successful? - You Betcha!!

A big thank you to all of our friends and clients who made a special effort to share part of their day with Dedan, Chris and myself at our fundraiser on Saturday. We really appreciated your support and can not thank you enough for your donations and kind generosity. To date we have raised $11,000 and so we are well on our way to reaching our goal of $15,000 which translates to a cycling AND a walking leg!!! Dedan had a great time and loved meeting you all and was very excited to have delivered his 'first English speech' with flying colors.

Dedan's first English Speech:

"I am Dedan from Nairobi, Kenya. This is my first time in the United States. I only speak a little bit of english but I would like to thank you all very much for coming today. I am very grateful for all the money you have donated and the support you have given me. It is my dream to one day win a medal at Paralympics. With your help I believe this is possible. I promise to make you all very proud of me. Thank you".

Now..put yourself in Dedan's place. Let me drop you in Nairobi, Kenya and in two weeks I would like you to say a speech in perfect Swahilli. Hmmm quite a feat don't you think! He did really well!

Dedan with Phil & Marlene Kerbis, Elizabeth Minter, Patricia Burkhart and Wes Boyce:

I'm sure you will all agree the DVD of Robert Blunt speaking Swahilli and translating into English and welcoming Dedan was unbelievable. Robert is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Chicago and a fluent speaker of Swahilli. He was the person in Dedan's bio ( who bought Dedan a Fuji cyclocross bike and suggested to him that he become a bike messenger in Nairobi. I knew that Robert wanted to be at the fundraiser but could not attend so I called him and suggested we surprise Dedan by having a DVD of Robert speaking to Dedan. With the help of my friend and fellow Chek Practitioner Mark Stone he took up the cause and went to Robert's office and interviewed him and then did what Mark does best and formatted it so that all we had to do was put it in the DVD player. Hey presto! One surprised Dedan. The look on Dedan's face was priceless especially when Robert started speaking immediately in Swahilli.

Dedan watching Robert's Swahilli Welcome:

For those of you who were unable to be with us Mark is working on a compact version so we can get it out to those who would like to see really is astounding and yes rock!!!.

Dedan also showed everybody his cycling skills on his 'brand new, one day old, Specialized Roubaix, speed machine!' You can see that he was definitely 'wearing his bike'. It is one cool carbon fiber bike and is it obvious that the boy on the bike doesn't look half bad either? You can tell by the photo that he is certainly lovin' that bike and having way too much fun!! Plus the Tour d'Afrique jersey looks great too. For the TDA'ers out there...Quizz time.. What year jersey is Dedan wearing?

The food was good...a combo of home grown and a little bit of local catering from Andrea and the boys from Seaside Market. Mucho gracias....very tasty! You can see we had an African theme going with the table cloth (purchased from the Sunday market in Cape Town the day after we arrived with TDA 2007), Serengetti plates and serviettes in the foreground and OK let's make an exception for the Japanese sushi but you can see where we were going!

Hakuna Matata - No worries T-Shirt from Kenya. Dedan with Randy Olmstead:

Dedan,Tim Murray and Ingrid Saffert:

Dedan and Angie Yang:

Robert Yang with his boys:

Dedan with Michael Shelly and Tyeara Camacho:

Dedan with Penny Crozier:

Dedan with Kim Koch and Ingrid Saffert:

Dedan with Kevin Koch:

Dedan with Pam Higgins:
The company was great, everybody enjoyed meeting Dedan but best of all we are almost there with our target goal of $15,000. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us make this happen.Virtual hugz are being sent to you all as a token of our appreciation. To those of you who were with us (physically on the day), you're lucky as you got your hug in person. To all others who have contributed to the fund but were unable to attend...I owe you...a big, kick ass, hearty bear hug!!
Oh! la! la! Can't wait to pay that debt off.
OK I'm outta here.
Rest day tomorrow.

Chris, Dedan, giggles and a request for a brush!

So hello to all,

Crazy title of the post huh! Well may be not...

I had to laugh..Chris and Dedan walked into the house Saturday night and Chris said with the biggest grin on his face, "Dedan, tell Janet what you would like to buy tomorrow". Dedan, started laughing and then said of all things, "A brush". Hmm...a brush I do what? (I was thinking at this time a brush to clean his new bike, a dust brush to clean his room..what else would it be?) A perplexed looking Dedan replied, "A brush to brush my hair". The food I was eating was close to being expelled as I hooted with laughter. "But you don't have any hair!"

For the next 5 minutes Dedan explained his case of why he needed a brush or comb and then we explained that he would have to search high and low as there was not one comb or one brush to deal with hair anywhere in our house. I know he thought we were having him on but seriously..I can't tell you the last time I actually combed my hair with anything but my fingers and a handful of hair gel.

So, today, after we all had done our early morning rides, Dedan and I spent Sunday afternoon cruising and shopping at the local mall to find him a hairbrush suitable for African hair. He told me that if he didn't comb his hair then it would automatically turn into dreads and he didn't want that, he wanted it smooth.So this afternoon..before and after photos were taken.I could see the difference..not too sure if Chris could.
Before the use of the comb:

After the use of the comb:

In the store making the comb selection:

Dedan also wanted a photo of himself standing next to the GMC Yukon Denali..our big American gas guzzler which he seems to love and calls the 'Obama Car'. It's perfect for transporting our bikes to races and particularly great when having to inhale food post racing.You just shut the doors and go and worries about people trying to steal the bikes..they have to steal the bikes AND and truck!!
Dedan with the GMC:

OK..Sunday evening..time to watch a movie..

Friday, 13 March 2009

Dedan spotted out cycling plus hill repeats up Torrey Pines!

Hi there,
I got to work this morning and there was a message on the answer machine from one of my clients who was driving to work and spotted a one legged cyclist zooming along the coast highway at quite a fast pace. She figured it must have been Dedan.

Yes it was. She said he looked amazing but little did she know that he was returning from hill repeats up Torrey Pines. For those who do not know San Diego, Torrey Pines is the name of the golf course where Tiget Woods won the 2008 US Open golf tournament on a 'bum' knee. The golf course has great views because it sits on top of a hill next to the Pacific Ocean. At the top of Torrey Pines there is a hanglider launch area and at the bottom of the hill is a surf beach called Torrey Pines. It's quite a decent hill! There are two ways you can cycle up Torrey Pines hill. The main road is called the 'outside' and the road that goes up through the state park is called the 'inside'. The inside route is a steeper climb with more turns whereas the outside route is a long gradual climb and part of the Pacific Coast Highway. Either way - they are both workouts. Dedan's goal this morning was to do 3 or 4 repeats and then come home.
The 'outside' way up Torrey Pines:

The 'inside' way up Torrey Pines:

I saw him after his workout and he loved it. He said that there were lots of other cyclists doing hill repeats and that they were very friendly and talked to him. I bet they were...getting up Torrey Pines with two legs is a mission for some and so to see a one legged dude doing hill repeats is priceless!

Hope you are all having a good Friday.

Friday the 13th was a good day for Dedan!!

Hello all,
Friday the 13th for those who are superstitious, is always played up to be a 'possible bad luck day', 'watch out for black cats day'. Movies about Friday the 13th are always horror filled, blood curdling, scarey numbers and there is always a huge melodramatic scream moment!! But NOT for was a GREAT DAY!!
It was a GET HIS NEW BIKE DAY!!! Yiiiiippppppeeeeeee.........waaahhhoooooo!!!!!! If I had have been with him you know I would have been a holllering! No doubt about that!

When I saw him after the trip to B&L Bike shop, he was beaming and said that he was very happy. I tell ya..who wouldn't be with a sweet Black/blue and white - 2008 Specialized Roubaix.A picture paints a thousand words check out the photos below!!

The photos are taken in our front garden but we'll take shots of him riding the bike tomorrow. Specialized gave Dedan a brand new helmet, a pair of cyclocross shoes...(note the plural) and have also promised him cycling shorts. Cool huh!

Chris has just taken Dedan home with all the new gear and to check that everything is ready for their ride in the morning. They are going to ride inland through Elfin Forrest tomorrow and so it will be another new route for Dedan. The bike is getting christened!!He also wanted to go back to his house early so that he could practice his speech which we helped him prepare this evening. He will be speaking in English at the fundraiser we are having tomorrow, which is so amazing to me and it would not surprise me if he memorises the entire speech.
I tell ya..he is committed!
OK I'm outta here.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

No Kenyan coffee at the local cafe! What's with that?

Jambo!(Hello in Swahilli)
Today Dedan and Chris did a tempo ride to the end of the Oceanside bike path and as Chris put it..Dedan 'had good legs'...well one leg for now but it's a cycling term which means a variety of things. For example, 'could have gone on forever', 'legs felt great', 'it was an effortless ride', 'nailed the pace', 'had good form', 'was off the front'...basically it's a great day when a cyclist has good legs! I also think Dedan is over his jetlag and adjusting to Southern Cal life and just loving the riding.

Enjoying our spring weather:

After breakfast Dedan went to the library while Chris and I were seeing clients and he caught up on all his emails, tested his english speaking skills and then later in the afternoon met up with me to check out the local E Street Cafe. I introduced him to all the staff (who are super cool and friendly)and then Dedan asked for Kenyan coffee. 'Dude we don't have any'...dang Dedan had to have English breakfast tea!! I was hoping that they would have coffee as we were due to do another weight training session at 4.00pm and I had a few new exercises up my sleeve!The wonderful JP Sears was at the cafe chilling and so Dedan got to meet him and then we were on our way to the bank for another English speaking experience. Believe it or not....I shut up and let him speak....I actually can stop talking you know ....ok.. well for a few seconds. No seriously Dedan did well and his english is coming along in leaps and bounds. Pretty soon he will be conversing confidently.

Our training session today was an eye opener for him. I introduced dead lifts into his program and he was able to hinge at the hips and really use his spine but the Bosu balance work was fatiguing for him and so were the Yoga poses. His eyes lit up when he saw the twister ball and he really gave it a beating but I think his abs may be sore in the morning.Oh live and learn!!
New Exercise on the Bosu:

Dedan stretching his calves:
After the work out we hit the supermarket as Dedan wanted to get something. He was trying to show me what he wanted but I was never any good at charades and so it was lost on me. He knew the Swahilli word and so we cruised the aisle until he found it. Guess what it was? Peanut butter! Bless...then came the..'yo! you're in America. What kind do you want?' Yes Dedan...there's more than one type. How do you explain the word crunchy without all the other punters in the aisles wondering if you're on crack?

Anyway, more cycling tomorrow on the indoor trainer and then we're visiting the post office.
Dedan checking his email at our home:

Just mundane stuff for us but I tell ya a whole world of experience for Dedan.
I'm warning you - his spirit is infectious!